UTV (as we know) are fiercely brand-conscious, and although the ITV brand gets through on news, weather and night-time, it's blanked out as much as possible.

But, I just noticed a few minutes ago, a trailer for some Bruce Forsyth thing, and I noticed at the end, the caption seemed different than usual, not the standard UTV style, but what really caught my eye was the small logo at the bottom of the screen! I had to look twice to make sure.

I wonder did that slip through undetected? It was definitely still during UTV airtime, since a UTV ident was up next. Maybe UTV let through logos all the time - I wouldn't think so - but I've never noticed it before.
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This has occasionally happened, since UTV use the normally ITV1 Network Promotions Unit trailers as a base for their own trailers. Normally the voice track and the endboard is stripped out, as well as the ITV1 DOG. However if an (or in the past, text appears in the middle of the trailer, it has also appeared on the UTV trailer too.

In the case of the 'Monday's My Day' and 'Biography' strand, the endboards haven't been stripped out (although in the case of the former, the ITV1 logo was replaced by an oversized, out of proportion UTV logo, and the latter simply has a normal UTV logo). If the appeared on these endboards it would appear on UTV too.