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Could ITV2 use the new logo as early as next week

(October 2001)

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andrew ralph1
About 15 minutes ago I saw advert for The Race which stats on ITV1 next monday and the continues thursdays on ITV2. The endboard had the current ITV1 ident and ITV2 ident like ITV1 both in the top right habd corner. Saying that the ITV2 one did seem badly constructed making it look the 2 had been bodged on to the ITV. So would you take this as a sign.
Square Eyes Founding member
Yes it is odd this, trailers on ITV1 for ITV2 programmes have the new ITV2 logo on them. Yet the same trailers on ITV2 have the same big 2 logo on them. And the ITV2 dog remains the same.
I think both channels get new idents tomorrow, judging by the ITV1 Saturday night line up advert!

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