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ITV1 regional news on the ITV1 NETWORK!!!!

(June 2002)

tvmercia Founding member
Big Phil posted:
So how did they prerecord it then? They must have used the studio at some point.

i havent looked at the citv schedule for this weekend, but i imagine it was pre-recorded sometime either friday afternoon - or before the set was dismantled for the first CITV of the weekend. unless they went to the effort of erecting the set for a few minutes, but i cant see them doing that.

im slightly bored of the same old camera angles on central news - changing them, as in that capture, makes the set alot more interesting
Ben Founding member London London
I don't think CITV has been on at all this weekend actually. Not saturday (unless it was recorded just CDUK and Stuff) Sunday - don't think so, Monday SMTV and Tuesday not at all.
Are you sure the Central News and CITV sets are dismantled? I ask this because I once saw the Central News set during CITV. It was directly opposite the presenters and it was fully erected.
i think you are right - the sets arent actually dismantled but just carefully moved to a corner of the studio.

in the case of switching between citv and central news its just a case of swinging the cameras around from one studio to another - no big deal

and if that is not possible because citv may be on and they want to record something central also use a chromakey studio aswell - with a central news backdrop

usual stuff really!

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