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This isn't a screen grab, it's something i quickly knocked up in Paint Shop Pro. But the actual ones aren't much better. I just put Wish You Were Here to give you an idea, but the one i actually saw was for a drama.
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The new logo is in the new Radio Times (page 23, the feature on which channel's got which football matches). It's OK, I suppose. As ITV graphics go... which isn't saying much.
Just to tell you, ITV will definitely be renamed ITV1 on Saturday. It said so on ITV teletext p604. This was in the YTV region but I would assume it would be in all.
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MikeG posted:
Just to tell you, ITV will definitely be renamed ITV1 on Saturday. It said so on ITV teletext p604. This was in the YTV region but I would assume it would be in all.
Err, no offence Mike but this was confirmed by ITV ages ago. I know it may not seem official until it appears on Teletext but the net is a very reliable medium!

Cheers, Asa
I thought it was only speculation and they said it would be 'later this year'?

I could have sworn it was. Oh, well, I may be wrong. (Quite probably)
Big Phil
It's quite funny how the trailers for Saturday night say at the end 'That's this Saturday night on ITV', when they clearly will be on ITV1! A bit silly if you ask me! I don't see why they can't use the new ones now like Sky did when they changed Sky Movies Screens 1 and 2 to MovieMax and Premier.
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The advert for 'The Goal Rush' says

Saturday on ITV2 with results also on ITV1.

Whos betting that the 'Saturday' promo...

On Friday will be 'Tommorow on ITV'
On Saturday will be 'Tonight on ITV1'
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Do we really think that the first time we will see ITV1 is on a break bumper at around 9:45am ? What kind of a way is that to unlaunch the new name for your TV channel ? Do you reckon we might see ITV1 unveiled at 7pm tomorrow night ?
Big Phil
We could do, although I'd imagine that it would be 8pm, before Coronation Street, like they usually do on GMG stations. Usually, incidentally, when Granada have launched Christmas looks, it has always been the break bumper we have seen first as they would start it at 7.25!
The thing is, I don't think they are wanting to 'relaunch' the station, the fact that the idents will not be changing significantly is indication that they want to slowly push this through by stealth, with no fanfare. I am guessing that the first we will see of the new look will be at 9.25 or thereabouts on Saturday, either on the break bumper or a one-off ident leading into SMTV (not exactly that hard to do!)

One other thing that I'll be interested to see, is what the Granada North channels are going to do. The only animated hearts ident they use is the 'lines' version, and this will not be easy to superimpose with the new itv|1 logo. Are they going to stop using it altogether? Was this why they have all but stopped the animated idents?

Also, what about Tyne Tees? Will they leave the old (incorrect) logo in place for another few months, or will they revamp that as well? If the latter, how will they get around the hearts lines problem, which will be even harder to alter in this case? Will they simply (oh how I am praying for this) scrap the hearts ident completely in the NE and use the regional one at all times, maybe with an itv|1 logo placed somewhere on it? We can only hope...
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Well, the countdown is on now, today's the last day of 'ITV'... I think it will be around 9:30am tomorrow when the ITV1 name comes out to shine.