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Last night on Carlton Central a Drama Premiere promo came up around midnight with all ITV1 branding. During the promo the logo in the corner is the same with a 1 added to it with a line box. The end board is awful! The background is grey with wavy lines on different shades of blue going across the middle. The picture is centred with the ITV 1 logo over the top. Hopefully they won't last long!

Is Carlton Central the first region to show this early?
Slightly OT, but relevant, on an ITV2 ad for their soccer programme, it said that they would have a soccer programme on sat afternoons and on ITV1 there would be all the round ups. So, the relaunch must be this weekend.
I haven't got a screen grab but i've run up a quick version of my own to give you the idea. The one I saw was for a drama though, but you get the general yak factor of the end board! This might look bad but trust me - it looks very much like the end product!

Are those the colours used? They are awful!

Thanks for doing a mock though to show us all!
Yep, yaky blue lines in similar colours to what I've used. No signs of the hearts either. I can picture ITV headquaters now - 'Right we will become ITV1 this Satyrday. Oh hang on - we better make a new end board. Dave do us one in the next five mins will ya?' They look cheap and rushed. Hope this isn't an indication of the new idents. If it is then I wish they'd stick with the hearts.
Looks like they employed a GCSE pupil to make it not a professional

No offence to GCSE Pupils but you know what I mean.
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square eyes posted:
Well I will reserve judgement till I see them for real, not sure about the blue wavy lines theme though.  
Same here, but thanks for taking the time with the mockup. Interesting to see no hearts - maybe the endboards are in for the long stretch, based on the new idents? I wonder if we'll see generic ITV1 ident in the early hours of Saturday morning?

Cheers, Asa
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It looks fantasic, I hope this is the new look!

Yeah right.

Seriously though, It looks like it was knocked up in Paint... but have a look at the thing for a second.
It's advertising Wish You Were Here... the blue lines, what might they be?

Perhaps the generic templates are going?