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ITV1 to get makeover - 1ST JULY

(June 2002)

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James Martin
From RealVerdict:

ITV sets launch date for new look
After some of the most troubled years in its history, ITV has announced that it is all change in the Autumn, and a new look will be unveiled on July 1st.

It hasn't been the best of years for the UK's oldest commercial television network, due to the collapse of its digital platform ITV Digital.

There has also been a worrying slump in advertising revenue, although members of the network insist that the worst is over. However, the executives are pinning their hopes on a new look for their station. Out go the cold blue spinning hearts and in comes new bright bold, warmer colours.

The ITV logo, which was launched in 1998, will remain but it is uncertain whether it will retain its blue and yellow colours. Design expert Trina Wood says that it is a wise decision to keep the logo. "It is a logo which can be easily adapted in many ways," she told Real Verdict. "It can be displayed on screen in a variety of colours, even black and white, and is still recognised by the viewer."

Although some people are sceptical about the relaunch. Head of the television branding company S:Press Max Taylor told Real Verdict that ITV have taken a risk in keeping the logo. "The logo is associated with some of ITV's darker times, such as the collapse of ITV Digital. It would even be a possible solution to rename the network altogether, as I believe that the ITV name has been tarnished over the last six months."

Last year saw ITV renamed ITV1, to fit in with the network's other channels, but it is not certain whether the station will remain ITV1, after the closure of the ITV Sports Channel.

All of our questions will be answered on 1st July when the new look is launched at a special preview at the Odeon in Leicester Square at 11:30 am. There will be a party afterwards at the Quod in Haymarket, London.

About time too, I say! Will Carlton use the opportunity to bring back Central? (Please, please, PLEASE!!!!)

Let's hope so.
BBCME Founding member
Sounds good and I think ITV sould kepp their logo is one of the best and most recognised on TV.

Do we know yet if the regions will have their name in the idents. Or do you think we will get something similar to the Brtis Awards ident with a large ITV1 and a set of regional idents.
I honestly don't think we'll see the return of Central and Westcountry. If anything we'll see less regional branding. Carlton seem to be happy with the Carlton Central and Carlton Westcountry idea.

Why they say ITV is getting a new look in the autumn and they do it July puzzles me. I always thought the 1st of July was the height of summer!
Square Eyes Founding member
Are we sure about this 1st July on-screen relaunch ? On the ITV B2B website, it says

"In July, we'll be showing our true colours, as we unveil our Autumn schedule.We hope you'll join us at the Odeon Leicester Square, WC2 on Monday 1 July at 11.30amand of course, help us celebrate afterwards, at Quod, Haymarket SW1."

It doesn't mention that this will be the date of the new look. This suggests to me this is a preview for business, and that the new look will launch in the autumn, I could be wrong.
I thought the new look would be based on the nice blues that you can see on the ITV website? Perhaps the bolder colours are just for the autumn trailers?
cwathen Founding member

Why they say ITV is getting a new look in the autumn and they do it July puzzles me. I always thought the 1st of July was the height of summer!

There will probably be a new trailer design on 1st July, the current one has been used since the introduction of the ITV1 branding imho, they don't usually keep them as long as that.

I think it's a definate possibility that the ITV1 name might disappear again. On the new look ITV.COM website in their regional section they show all the dual-branded station logos in the original 1999 'just ITV' style.

ITV1 will probably be the eventual name of the channel when it becomes 1 single channel but atm the old station names are still just about the dominant brand in which case it's rather silly to use ITV1 as a channel name when ITV1 as a channel doesn't exist yet.

It's also especially stupid to have an ITV1 when most people can't get an ITV2 to go with it.

And as I've said before, ITV(1) and ITV2 have a UK Gold-UK Gold 2 type relationship, in which case there isn't a case for having anything other than ITV and ITV2. They DO NOT have a BBC1-BBC2 relationship, and until they do it's not really appropriate to try to emulate that (which at the end of the day, is exactly what they were trying to do, whatever crap they may have come out with about it reflecting their move to an integrated channel provider).
Ben Founding member
Actually they will be showcasing their Autumn plans in July, if I remember correctly ITV Business to Business said just that.
I sincerely hope this rebrand doesn't involve the world cup DOG red/white ITV Logo.

If this doesn't make sense:

I was watching the world cup on a tv at school which had had a magnet held near the screen in the corner so it could be that the ITV logo was discoloured for this reason but I still hope the new version isn't red/white anyway, it looks awful.
Oooooooooh just seen something exciting!!! at the top on the banner there is a white and black ITV logo. Perhaps this hints a new style???

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