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The Crowdman
As u all probably know, in London ITV (1) Carlton hands over to LWT on Fridays after Crossroads. One thing I wanted to put before the panel is: do you think LWT will begin using ITV1 idents tonight at the handover or do you think they'll use 2 sets of idents this weekend? Or will they do something completely different? Let me know what u think...Smile
(PS. Who reckons the 'press tv then 3 for ITV' banner on SkyDigital is gonna change to ITV1 on time... I don't thnk so!Razz: )
Asa3,529 posts since 22 Mar 2001 Administrator
I think the LWT idents will have exactly the same modification as the hearts - with a bigger ITV1 logo.

I wonder if they'll bring out the ITV1 idents in the early hours across the whole network (apart from Scotland/NI) as they all take the same feed? Personally, I think it'll be a muted launch. Many people won't even be able to tell any difference on the idents! (Unless rumours are true and Carlton get totally difference ones tomorrow.)

Cheers, Asa
Gavin Scott8,284 posts since 23 Mar 2001
does anyone know if Scottish and Grampian have any intention of adopting the ITV1 'device'?

There is vitually no mention of ITV on Scottish at the moment. None of the trails, idents or 'coming up' boards feature the name at all.
The Crowdman
According to TV QUICK and TV CHOICE magazines, 'Scottish, Grampian, Channel and Ulster will be unaffected' (by the change to ITV1). I.E. Scottish, Grampian, Channel and UTV will all continue to use their current, non-corporate idents.
Channel ITV do use the corporate ITV look although not on every programme. All programme promotion is in ITV corporate style whilst the hearts ident is used infront of programmes with Channels own music (very sad).

Channel do tend to use their own ident 80% of the time which features no ITV branding except a voice over - 'Channel Television, ITV for the Channel Islands'.

If anything changes tomorrow morning you will be the first to know.

Dave - Jersey