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Whataday10,854 posts since 13 Sep 2001
ITV1 has a jubilee ident in a simular fashion to the Brit Award ones. Although there is NO regional branding for Carlton regions this time, the HTV announcer makes a point of saying "Celebrating the jubilee on HTV - ITV1 in Wales"

What is UTV using?
Ben3,296 posts since 5 Sep 2001
I just saw the end of it, heard the tune so I thought it was a trailer. Then we got the announcement where Graham Rogers stressed that this is MERIDIAN.
Jason0 post since 13 Dec 2011
I got a shock when I saw that...

UTV is showing their normal idents. Tyne Tees had a regionalised ident before Coronation Street.

It does look good, however ITV don't seem to be missing a trick at the moment with regards ditching regional logos. We'll just have to wait and see what happens in the autumn; my personal opinion is that the regional name is going to be tiny at best on the new idents...
any grabs or downloads of it, is it on at every junction, better or worse that the carlton sunrise - which is nice?!
Don't suppose there's any chance of a Windows media version?
i have to say i do like the itv logo, i know loads of ya hate it, but i think it looks quite funky and versatile