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ITV1 IDs in 2002: The Demise of Regionalism

Reflecting on the 2002 ITV1 Celebrity idents and how they decentralized regional continuity. (October 2020)

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On this day, eighteen years ago, it was the most inevitable day in ITV history. That's right, folks. 28th October 2002 was the day in which regional ITV franchise names and logos were completely removed and replaced with one single ITV1 logo. The regional names were relegated to only be shown before local programmes. Around that same time, regional continuity teams were ousted to be replaced with a single national continuity team based in London. However, the most inevitable thing that ever happened was that on this day, eighteen years ago, the regional logos and idents were all ditched to be replaced by a new batch of idents, which featured celebrities from various ITV1 shows interacting in a backstage studio environment. For me, this change was absolutely dreadful, because this day marked the start of the catalyst of changes for Granada and Carlton that would ultimately result in Carlton and Granada merging to become ITV plc two years later. This move was quite inevitable in all ways.
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Why do you think it was despicable? For me it replaced a bland and tired set of idents on Granada which was pretty much regional as far as a different symbol on a blue square was shown to other regions. We then had something replace it that was smart, fun, and professional.
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On this day, eighteen years ago, it was the most unthinkable day in ITV history.

It may have been unthinkable to you, but to anyone who read the 1990 Broadcasting Act, it was the final inevitability.
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This thread is where you will share your videos, thoughts, and collections about the 2002 Celebrity idents. Here you can also state your thoughts about the 2002 Celebrity look and how the end of the regional continuity changed ITV as we knew it forever.

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