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ITV1 Comedy Jubilee programme

(June 2002)

noggin Founding member
square eyes posted:
They weren't sat around twiddling their thumbs, there was value in seeing what was going on outside the palace grounds. Sky News were also covering events outside. If ITV had done nothing, they'd have been condemned by the likes of you for not even turning up.

Actually the ITV1 pictures of outside the palace where much clearer than the BBC's.

Hmmm... Surely the people outside the palace were there to enjoy the screens and music from the party inside the palace, as well as to pay tribute to the Queen. The fact that ITV weren't able to show the music - just the bit where she was on stage - was somewhat comical.

As for ITVs pictures being clearer - the BBC is at the very limit of what it can do at the moment - the number of video links, cameras etc. that it is using for this weekends coverage is truly staggering. It is also providing ITV and Sky with much of the coverage as part of the pool. The BBCs picture quality of the Part/Prom in the Palace, the processions, St Pauls Cathedral etc. has been pretty high - albeit almost all of it has a PAL footprint due to the lack of widely available digital circuits I think.

The Beeb are said to be using 150 cameras, 30 video circuits around London, 500 communication and audio circuits etc.

ITV are able to concentrate on a few, small OBs, the Beeb are having to do the whole thing (and have rented in extra OB trucks - even they don't have enough)

ITVs coverage was neither better, nor worse, just different, and on a much smaller scale. (I do question the ITV2 move for this morning's procession - though I expect they realised more people would watch the Beeb's coverage...)
Square Eyes Founding member
Well ITV couldn't really win this morning could they with 2 live events to cover. If they'd have gone with the Jubilee coverage on ITV1, we would have had uproar from the World Cup fans who didn't have access to ITV2. It allowed analogue terrestrial viewers to see either the football(ITV1) or the jubilee celebrations (BBC1), keeping both camps happy.

So in retrospect I feel it was the right decision, better to offer an alternative on the mainstream channel to what was on BBC1, yet whilst covering the event on ITV2.
noggin posted:
ITN seem to be trying to stage a serious pre-amble to fireworks, discussing the monarchy's role etc., with a permanent rock backing?!

I actually found this quite interesting. Watching that bloke who treats people for cancer, and being a cancer sufferer himself, I think he may have been one of the honoured people of lastnight.

Seeing the front of Buckingham Palace lit up in purple though - my, that did look grand! Very Happy
tvmercia Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
itvs coverage wasnt that bad - shame the beeb couldnt have provided them with the soundtrack for the fireworks - but otherwise itv managed to fill for ages rather well.

i personally would have liked john suchet and julia somerville to have hosted the coverage - shame she isnt there anymore.

i caught a glimpse of itv's this morning programme, this afternoon - and they are going round the regions, for an update of local celebrations. each region is using their news studio and presenter to give a brief rundown of events - worked rather well.

most regions have been using the CSO sets - but jo malin presented the central round-up from the main central west set, sitting on the desk wearing a union flag t-shirt. she even called it the central region.

meanwhile the meridian presenter looked rather pissed off for some reason.

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