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spotlight posted:
The BBC did a great job - did anyone in the country actually watch itv...? - my mum didn't even watch corrie so their ratings must have plummeted tonight!

Bearing in mind it was the climax of a storyline that has been going on for months (same with Emmerdale), most Corrie fans will have either watched it or taped it

Its obvious that ITV's ratings would be low tonight, its always the case with 'Event Television', everybody knows this, and it isn't a surprise, The same could be said for Sunday morning, I bet only 23 people had BBC1 on
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The difference between the World Cup game on ITV and the Jubilee Party at the Palace, is that it wouldn't matter who screened the England/Sweden game. Whoever screened the match would get the most viewers, as no broadcaster 'produces' the action at the game.

However, the Party at the Palace was a BBC production, and so it couldn't be said that ITV could produce something of the same quality.