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Hi all. This is my first post, so go easy!

I have been following this forum for a while so decided to take the plunge and join in. Anyhow, I was looking on ITV's website and stumbled across the following page...


So maybe the only change we are gonna see is the addition of the '1' to the ITV logo bit beneath the regional company name. Boring!



(taken from the ITV webpage)

Interestingly enough, Scottish TV, UTV, Grampian and Anglia have not had the ITV1 added to their logo on the webpage. This tallies in with what other people have been saying on the forum. Of course, this is only a webpage and may not bear any relevance to what is actually gonna happen! But it would not surprise me if Anglia do not go along with the new theme. Living in the region myself, I know how stubborn and obsessed they are with their **** ing triangular flag thing.

Any thoughts?

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ohwhatanight3,055 posts since 2 Jul 2001
if you look further all the regions are rebranded as itv1 on that itv.co.uk address you gave. the current idents are being rejigged just to include a '1' but later in the year they are going to be totally remade and possibly lose the hearts!

btw did anyone see the advery for currys/dixons in todays newspapers?
featuring on itv digital prepaid box ?

on the box were logos of all the channels available with the package - the logos included itv1 but more interestingly itv2 but the itv2 logo was identical to the new itv1 but with a 2 - so maybe changes are afoot for itv2 aswell?
There's a thread about ITV2's new logo.
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Hmm, all the corporate look regions have got new ITV1 logos except Channel and, ahem, Anglia. Surely a mistake in the latter...

And they still havn't got the correct UTV logo, either...*

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Grrr. Tyne Tees STILL has the old logo they dumped in September 2000. How crap.
From looking at the ITV website's ITV Region logos bit, it looks like there's only Yorkshire and Tyne Tees who've gone corporate! Lol!

BTW: Has anyone noticed that the link on the YTV image goes to the www.yorkshire.tv website. I thought they'd have the http://www.itv.com/ytv URL.
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If Anglia do break away, good for them. They did it with the old ITV Corporate look. And the flag is better than ITV have come up with.
Won't happen through.