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Watching the ITV4 Cheltenham The Opening Show, placing the studio immediately in the horse transport unloading area doesn't seem to be the best thought out idea. One enormous truck has just plunged the studio into near darkness., even prevoking on air comment.
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I take it that the 'studio' that The Opening Show uses, is the same former OB unit from NEP Visions. that IMG used as the main anchor studio for the Channel 4 coverage?
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DVB Cornwall7,084 posts since 4 Dec 2003
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Two matters,

It's amazing that Brough Scott is being used by ITV some Forty Six years after his first appearance for ITV racing in 1971. Still a collossus too with his insight and knowledge.

I suspect that use of live starter audio will be curtailed, some choice vocabulary used a few mins ago at a recalcitrant jockey, which'll almost certainly get Ofcom's lines buzzing.
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DVB Cornwall7,084 posts since 4 Dec 2003
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Cheltenham ITV HD .....

Can someone watch an actual race this afternoon, on HD, and comment as to whether there's a saturation issue with the Course broad shot cameras? I think the colour is far more enhanced on these shots than the rest of the coverage. Other opinions welcomed.
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ITV Cheltenham Festival Ratings 2017

14th March 2017 - 795k
15th March 2017 - 734k
16th March 2017 - 799k
17th March 2017 - 1.15m
Gold Cup Race itself got 1.90m

I'd imagine ITV will be very happy with that particularly Friday and if they add viewing figures for other meetings they should get around 9-10 million for the Grand National. The Horse Racing authorities will also be very happy as viewing figures on all 4 days are up on Channel 4 last few years.