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Did anyone capture the Emmerdale and Corrie themes at all please?

They're here (not uploaded by me)...

I have to disagree with earlier posts, the Corrie one works, the Emmerdale one not so much - it's a reasonable rendition of the current theme (and had to be done that way to make it fit the pictures) but I'm not convinced that the current one works musically.
Write that down in your copybook now.
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Just happened for the Emmerdale theme. Imo should be used at the end of Emmerdale when someone dies

It was a really nice version of the Emmerdale theme. I've often thought they need their own version of Eastender's 'Julia's Theme' for really sad endings. Sometimes the current ending theme is quite abrupt.

Regarding shows today changing themes, I wonder why Tipping Point didn't change theme but The Chase did.

Emmerdale did use a melancholy piano theme during the plane crash.