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Whataday9,711 posts since 13 Sep 2001
HTV Wales Wales Today
So given the John Lewis ad has been released, and is all about Elton John and his piano, I think we can say that it's all linked.

So it’s launching at 9:15 tonight, but let’s put it on YouTube at 7am anyway so everyone has seen it already by 9:15?!

Definitely a far better way of doing it in this day and age. They'll be talking about it on TV and in workplaces up and down the country all day. The linear broadcast is just a small part of the campaign.
Steve in Pudsey9,719 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
The Emmerdale rearrangment worked. Corrie's didnt and sounded awful.

I haven't seen either yet, however piano was quite prominent in the original Emmerdale Farm theme so not surprising that worked.

Surprised about Corrie, Pianobash demonstrates how it can be done. The piece is called "Lancashire Blues" so done in a blues piano style it should have worked.
Write that down in your copybook now.