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Isonstine2,543 posts since 28 Mar 2001
Like HTV the Carlton Central weather sponsrr is Staybrite windows across all 3 sub-regions.

Also, even before Carlton took over HTV, the HTV sponsor was Staybrite and also had similar graphics when I last looked.

Must of been using the same kind of service, not sure if the graphics are similar now, might be!
Matt Morelli
Anglia used to be Cadbury's drinking chocalate although I dunno if they still do it.
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Gavin Scott posted:
At the risk of going off topic: Amerada is the re-vamped name for British Gas. British Steel were renamed Corus in the same rush to re-brand.

So when Carlton started,were they sponsored by British Gas? Confused
DAS3,150 posts since 10 Apr 2001
LWT Weather is sponsored by Warner Village Cinemas.

Meridian Weather is sponsored by P&O Stena Line (?)

Anglia Weather isn't sponsored, although it usually returns to Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate!

Amerada has nothing to do with British Gas.
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square eyes posted:
Just out of interest, who sponsors the regional weather on your ITV station, and what are the idents like.

For Yorkshire TV it's Yorkshire Electricity Home Services and you get a close up of a radiator or something equally fascinating. The music is awful, it's not really a tune, just a muffled mess of noise.

Although when the YTV Weather was sponsored by just Yorkshire Electricty (as it has been for years), the titles featured a little child dropping his Ice Cream on the floor, (Which should be available on TV Home this summer)

YTV's Crimestoppers was sponsored by Staybrite Windows, but since about April, it is no longer sponsored by anybody
DAS3,150 posts since 10 Apr 2001
In mid-conclusion:

Yorkshire Television = Yorkshire Electricity Home Services
Carlton Television = Amerada.co.uk
LWT = Warner Village Cinemas
Carlton/Central = Staybrite Windows
Meridian = SeaFrance
HTV = Staybrite Windows
Grampian = AA
Tyne Tees = Northern Electric

Carlton/Westcountry = ?
Ulster = ?
Granada = ?
Scottish = ?
Border = ?
Channel = ?

Anyone know the rest?

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'And now the UTV weather, sponsored by Progressive, your local building society'. Followed swiftly by 'UTV Air Watch, with Phoenix Natural Gas'.

Only the farming weather on a Sunday is sponsored by a Bank of Ireland operation called NIIB instead...

Legal and General sponsored the weather back in the Ulster Television days of 1992.
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Granada is sponsored by Direct Line.
It hasn't had anything for about 3 months now and the DL deal has only happened within the past week.