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(February 2005)

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Ben Founding member
Meridian's map has a small strip at the bottom with animating blue squares, just like the theatre of news where the backdrops never quite fills the space.

Also what is it with that regional logo, at first it read ITV Anglia, then ITV Weather and finally ITV Meridian.
I wonder if the new-look weather will be mentioned when Martyn Davies chats to Nick and Leyla on the News Channel in a few minutes' time?
Square Eyes Founding member
Norfolk Eastern Daily Press :

There's a sunny outlook for weathergirl Becky Mantin, who announced yesterday that she was leaving Anglia TV to join ITV's national forecasting team.

But her decision to leave will no doubt cast a bit of a cloud over the Anglia region, where her sunny personality has made her a firm favourite with viewers.

Becky, 24, who is also an EDP columnist, will leave Anglia at the end of February to start presenting weather bulletins to the nation on ITV1. It follows a part-time stint presenting the national weather since June.

Becky, who started at Anglia Weather four years ago, told the EDP yesterday: "It's a really funny mix, I feel ready for the next challenge but I also feel melancholy at leaving Anglia where all my friends are. I am a Norwich girl and I have never worked anywhere else. Norwich will always be my home because my parents are here but there comes a point when, if an opportunity arises, you have to take it - or decide not to take it.

"I had to decide whether to stay in Norwich for the rest of my life or see how far I could take my career. But I will miss Norwich hugely and it hurts me to leave Anglia but I did not want to be saying in the future - what if."

Neil Thompson, controller of programmes at ITV Anglia, said: "We are thrilled that Becky's ability and popular appeal has been recognised by the ITV network. Frankly, it was only ever a matter of time before she was scooped up for a national audience, and we are very pleased that it is an ITV one - not one of our competitors."

Although her contract with ITV1 officially begins today, Becky will not leave Anglia until February 25. The new job means moving to London - which comes after she and her boyfriend have just bought a house in Trowse, Norwich.

However, she said that she plans to rent a flat with her younger sister, a student in London, living there during the week, returning to her boyfriend at the weekends.

"I'm quite looking forward to being selfish - to eating what I want. I've never done that before," she said.

Becky's decision to go to ITV follows similar career moves by her predecessors. Former Anglia weathergirl Becky Jago moved to the BBC to front Newsround before going to Capital Radio. And before her there was Claire Nasir, who moved on to become the face of GMTV's Weather.

Becky's move to ITV will see her present 180 hours of weather a year and, with Sian Lloyd, be one of just three main presenters for the network.

However, she will also be presenting about 40 more hours for the entire ITV network - so it could mean Becky returns to Anglia very occasionally.

Mr Thompson said: "It won't be the last we see of Becky on Anglia's news and programmes. We are assured by the ITV Network that from time to time, she will be freed up to return to us."

Anglia has yet to announce who will be Becky's full-time replacement.

Becky, who comes from Norwich, started out as a model and then came to the EDP as a features assistant and then fashion editor before joining Anglia on a freelance contract in 2000. In 2001, she was given a full-time job.

Becky was trained by veteran forecaster Jim Bacon and together with Sara Thornton, currently on maternity leave, proved an Anglia favourite with her sunny smile, friendly personality and glamorous looks.

But in June, she was spotted presenting the weather on Sky News and in the summer she announced that she was going nationwide, working part- time for the ITV network.

In August, she insisted the job was in addition to her work at Anglia. But it seemed only a matter of time before she made the big career move to London.

Her appointment comes as ITV Weather yesterday announced a new three-year contract with the Met Office and a new-look forecast.

All very nice, but what of Chrissie Reidy Shocked The weather won't be the same without her severeness. Shocked
Square Eyes posted:
Norfolk Eastern Daily Press

That was the article I linked to on the first page of the thread ... do keep up, Square Eyes... Smile

Your standards are slipping Shocked
Square Eyes Founding member
Londoner posted:
Square Eyes posted:
Norfolk Eastern Daily Press

That was the article I linked to on the first page of the thread ... do keep up, Square Eyes... Smile

I was providing a public service James, bringing it to the target audience but without an unnecessary additional mouse click.

It's the way forward.
Martyn Davies has just said on the News Channel that today's refreshed graphics are just the start of some "quite big changes" and "exciting developments" to ITV Weather to come over the next few months.
Hatton Cross

Is it me - or does that look very 'produced using Powerpoint' to you?
Basic - but quite nice. Certainly an improvement on the old GMG graphics, and both the Carlton and National graphics needed replacing.

Hopefully though there won't be just static maps - the animated fly-past maps generally look good and give more details, so perhaps they'll appear in the evening bulletins.

And anyone complaining about these graphics - just be grateful they haven't gone the route of five, who've took on Sky's awful graphics.
Jonathan H

Why does the News Channel DOG top right obliterate the regional logo on the weather? Rolling Eyes
It's just as bad on the News Channel national weather:
Wonder how long it will take them to sort that out?
cwathen Founding member
I see the ITV corporate brand image is being further decimated - only a year after they decided on a new regional logo format (which is also present on many of the buildings now), they've now gone and introduced a different one for the weather.

I don't think the new graphics are that bad actually. Basic yes, but they do the job. Not sure that there was actually anything wrong with the national graphics, but I won't be sad to see the back of the cacky ex-Carlton graphics - they looked awful when they were introduced 3 years ago and they certainly didn't age well.

Does Westcountry still have it's own weather presenters?

And anyone complaining about these graphics - just be grateful they haven't gone the route of five, who've took on Sky's awful graphics.

I agree there, Sky's graphics are awful. They are fundamentally flawed in that the particular concept they use (and have been using since the dawn of time) is almost impossible to follow. In nearly 10 years of watching Sky News fairly regularly, I've still yet to be able to follow a weather report.

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