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I rarely enjoy anything on ITV any more and thought this would be a car crash. For me it returned to the Les Dawson era, much that I enjoyed the Lily era, the show was turning into a show reel for Paul O'Grady's jokes. The cheap prizes and a decent mix of 'actual' celebrities gave the show a retro feel. It needs to be either cut in half though or, like Catchphrase, be about 45 minutes long as it felt very padded. Noted that the advertisers avoid it too, it was all promos for ITV programmes. Overall, I enjoy it and glad it's back.

I dont think paul was happy with the ITV series either. Just to note, it went out at 18.30 on a saturday night, nearly ALL the junctions during 6-7pm on Saturdays are filled with promos
Is the next post dreaded?