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tomo359968 posts since 18 Oct 2009
Border (England)
Agree about Joe. Did he even offer a single sensible answer? I get the odd joke answer, but they are no longer funny when every answer is a joke answer.

It would be nice to see a series though, thought David Walliams did a decent job, and nice to see someone other than Philip Schofield or Ben Shephard Very Happy
Jonwo (previously Jonwo87) 421 posts since 20 Sep 2007
It was decent, Walliams worked well, he wasn't afraid of being cheeky to both the panel and the contestants, I agree if it does go to series it needs to be 45 minutes as it did drag in places.

I do think it would work better in a later slot, half the fun of Blankety Blank is rude answers.
Inspector Sands12,998 posts since 25 Aug 2004
The pacing seemed all wrong to me. The previous versions have all taken more time with the answers, both when writing and giving them. Why banter with the panel at the beginning when that's what the questions are for? They seemed to make the game more important than the entertainment, which is the other way round to previous versions.

The set was too small as well, the panel rostrum was out of scale both with each other and with Walliams who's a tall man

As for Joe Lycett, he was very funny later on in the evening on Cats Countdown, but he'd have trouble doing his schtick from there on Blankety Blank
TV Fetish1,735 posts since 4 Jan 2003
HTV West Points West
I rarely enjoy anything on ITV any more and thought this would be a car crash. For me it returned to the Les Dawson era, much that I enjoyed the Lily era, the show was turning into a show reel for Paul O'Grady's jokes. The cheap prizes and a decent mix of 'actual' celebrities gave the show a retro feel. It needs to be either cut in half though or, like Catchphrase, be about 45 minutes long as it felt very padded. Noted that the advertisers avoid it too, it was all promos for ITV programmes. Overall, I enjoy it and glad it's back.
it's programme not program!