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Sir Richard Rotcod495 posts since 18 Jun 2003
From today's Sunday Times...
[Richard] Huntingford believes that one of the moves could come from the new ITV plc. “ITV will be looking at a growth phase, so a big radio acquisition would certainly be an option for them.”

Could be interesting if this came to pass. Integrated radio news services with the regional TV news?

Or, more likely, 24/7 Ant & Dec!
MarkNewby434 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Sounds like they could be thinking of making an offer to EMAP to me... they'd certainly have the power behind them, as they are now [as ITV plc] one of the UK's largest media groups.
A former member
Interesting... if they took over EMAP, could they rename "The HITS" something like "ITV Music"? Then they'd have an extra channel under their belt.
Blob627 posts since 30 Jan 2003
They would need to change the name, you carn't have ITV Radio because it stands for Independant TeleVision Radio. It doesn't make sense
Nick Harvey5,035 posts since 11 Nov 2001
Oh no!

And just as we thought all the confusion over what the letters "GMG" stand for was finally over.

They should have done it BEFORE the merger, then GMG (WRONG use of abbreviation) could have bought GMG (CORRECT use of abbreviation)!
A former member
Independent Television Radio - it does make sense - it's radio owned by Independent Television...
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God, it'll be like GWR only worse...
Pete9,016 posts since 18 Jun 2001
Blob posted:
But how can it be radio if its television

I take it somebody didn't read the bumf that the BBC put out when launching BBC7 then.