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Don't think they've really done Emmerdale spin offs along the lines of the Corrie Family Album etc.,but wasn't there a WW1 spin off a couple of years back they could rerun?

There was an Emmerdale Family Album series a while back:


There's also been a number of specials and documentaries over the years, although some of these have been related to specific storylines or events (e.g. 5000 episodes, 40th anniversary, characters leaving, tribute programmes, etc.), which makes them not so easy to repeat.

There was indeed an "Emmerdale 1918" spin-off series a couple of years ago.
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‘How’ was always a brilliant concept. As this will be a regeneration of the show, should it now be called ‘How 3’?

From all of the sources I've seen at the moment, it will be using the same name from the original series from the 60's but will have an added on exclamation mark.
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Seems Emmerdale is back filming again?

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