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I see Loose Women has been axed again in a major schedule shake up, and it’s left viewers reeling.

Again the article has done exactly what it was designed to do. You read it, thought it was over the top, shared it for that very reason and have made them money through clicks. And they'll keep doing it for as long as people keep doing it.
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I know at times like these we should appreciate comedy and especially new productions... even more so when it’s a rare ITV outing.

That said... Kate & Koji is terrible. If a comedy has to use the term “snowflake” a few times to gain laughs then it’s already a no for me.
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To be fair pretty much all comedies are rubbish on their first outing. Must say though it did look awful from the trailer but was wondering if the crisis might make it a surprise hit.

I know they've axed it but I'd have paired up a rerun of Bad Move at 8.30 from tonight as a replacement for Corrie.
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Never seen Liar before but I caught the beginning of one whilst channel hopping, and I did wonder why they had such a nice logo/animation in the trailers, but when it came to the opening titles they went for an ITV Nightscreen look?
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That said... Kate & Koji is terrible. If a comedy has to use the term “snowflake” a few times to gain laughs then it’s already a no for me.

Pretty sure it was just once, and it was a decent joke well-delivered. Sure, K&K is nothing groundbreaking but you can hardly expect that from an ITV sitcom, and there's room for something gentle and inoffensive in comedy. I'll watch it again and I wish they'd try more often.
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Not the wisest move...

ITV to air pandemic movie Contagion amid coronavirus lockdown

I wouldn't be so sure. Contagion is currently in high demand on streaming platforms. It's in Apple TV's top 5 at the moment in the US.

Also "2012" and "Pandemic" are in the top 10 on Netflix.


One popular movie to stream was 2011's Contagion, which moved up from being the 270th most-watched Warner Bros. film in December 2019 to become its 2nd most-watched film in 2020 (by March) and entered the top 10 on ITunes movie rentals, said to be because of the similarities its story bears to the outbreak. The stock of Netflix increased in 2020 by March 12. The platform had released its original docu-series Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak at the end of January 2020.