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I notice they aren’t repeating The Voice at all this year either, they’ve given the Sunday repeat slot to The Masked Singer.

Just to say I see The Voice scheduled on ITV on Sunday afternoons (12:40pm)

It is yes, but normally the talent shows get a Sunday repeat on both the main channel and on ITV2 (The Masked Singer is getting both) but The Voice only has the one repeat this year.

To be fair, Masked Singer is only on at 11.05am today, quite early, so it's not going to make a huge impact on the ratings by any means.

With ITV Hub, there's no point repeating all these programmes twice or three times now, especially because on the hub I usually get less adverts than they show (I can watch a show in a 6o min TV slot in about 52 minutes).
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Extra camp has been axed. ITV2 have no spin off shows left.

Love Island After Sun??

They used to always have spin-off shows for all the award shows (National Television Awards, Brit Awards, etc.), but now only have them for the Brits.

They used to always have a red carpet show and a backstage show, but last year only had the red carpet show. I wonder if it will be back this year, and if so, how much longer it will last for.
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Extra camp has been axed. ITV2 have no spin off shows left.

Love Island After Sun??

I meant from ITV1 shows. All their budget appears to have gone into Love Island, so when that declines there will be some problems afoot.

I'm not sure that's the case. Love Island more than pays for itself. By ditching the spin-off shows they're freeing up money for new, original and more channel defining shows. They're expanding what the channel offers. It's a good thing.
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I got the impression that last year they didn't record this years footage for next year.

To be honest there's only so many losing weight/having babies stories they could do and it did become repetitive really quickly, though of course the real reason it's gone is that Corrie extra midweek episode has seen most the studio based entertainment formats which aired on Tuesdays or Wednesdays ditched.
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