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By that criteria, Who wants to be a millionaire is a reality show which it patently isn't.

The defining features of reality TV are fly on the wall filming of members of the public (as distinct from actors) in an artificial environment /set of circumstances controlled by the production team.

X Factor, Bake Off and BGT are not in that category. You can argue either way for Gogglebox.

I think Fame Academy is partly to blame for some of the confusion, that genuinely was a crossover between the Big Brother style reality and a talent contest.

The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent are talent shows. I don't think there's much confusion there - the member who started this conversation states this:

Noted. I should’ve made it clear I was talking about Talent/Reality show spinoffs.

The Apprentice and The Great British Bake Off aren't talent shows - there's no public vote and there's direct competition which all of the contestants are judged on. As a viewer, you're observing a competition that (theoretically) would run exactly the same if the cameras weren't there. They're reality gameshows.

The similarity to other reality formats is clearer with The Apprentice - the "confessional" segments, the unscripted interactions with the public, the host never addressing the viewer.

Bake Off is a touch different in that the viewer is acknowledged, but I think it still fits the genre.
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I think you've won me round to the idea that the Apprentice has a lot of reality elements. The bit about nobody ever addressing the camera gives it the fly on the wall element that defines reality.

I can't agree on Bake Off fitting that category, nor MasterChef. They are simply competitions with an elimination format and interviews with contestants which take place away from the main set.

And if you take that criteria to it's logical conclusion, you would end up suggesting that The Weakest Link is a reality format.
Write that down in your copybook now.
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The one time they moved for Murray - the ratings were awful

The finals have been on ITV a few times - not just when Murray was.
In fact is this the first year none of the coverage is on ITV1? I thought it was on ITV1 last year.
At least once they had it on ITV for the first Sunday and BH Monday of the tournament.
If Konta made the final they will surely switch it? That would surely get better ratings than the Horse racing.
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