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Also, Stephen Mulhern is exactly the sort of star that people keep saying there is a lack of. People working their way up from kids tv, holiday camps etc. Yet despite this many people still moan whenever he appears.

Do people really say there's a lack of presenters that worked their way up from kids TV?
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Looks like something has risen from the ashes of The Nightly Show as I’ve just had an email about tickets to ‘Bradley Walsh’s Late Night Guestlist’.

"We'll have amazing celebrity guests, a live house band and plenty of laughs". It’s being recorded at TVC next week for broadcast on Saturday nights.

Bradley’s week was probably the best one for the type of show The Nightly Show was so no surprise they’ve commissioned something around him in a Saturday night slot.
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Buble, which was shown on Sunday, which was an acquired show from America, featured this endcap at the end:

Which is an updated version of a previous endcap:

Even though the previous version is over 20 years old, it still looked and sounded like something from the 80s, and the current version still looks and sounds dated, especially with that jingle.

Hard to believe that something that looks and sounds like it's from the 80s is still in use in 2019.