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Well, it's an insert from Saturday Night Takeaway so that figures.
Yeah, only reason it's a standalone series at all is because Takeaway isn't on this year.

Not sure that’s quite true.

Yep, it was announced in the final episode of the last series of SNT - so unless you believe that the ITV bosses were panicked by Ant's troubles to the extent that this was a knee-jerk commission made in that two week period, it's safe to say this would have existed whatever.

I don't think they'll pull this out of the schedule, I think if they needed to, what would be more likely is that In For A Penny would swap in the schedule with Ninja Warrior, similar to when they swapped Cannonball and The Family Chase.

Whilst I agree, it's the sort of thing that usually would tank, it's only 30 minutes and it's sandwiched in between two solid ITV hits, so whilst I don't expect it'll set the world alight, it'll run the course but probably never come back for a second series.
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Not sure that's entirely fair Steve, it's an SNT feature so I think people can have a legitimate view on it, based on more than the synopsis.

It was a five minute feature on Takeaway, we haven't seen it as a half hour show. I'm not sure where the idea is that it will die on its arse is coming from anyway, it seemed a popular enough feature on Takeaway. If it's from the auspices of Takeway it should have a bit of wit about it, it always seemed amusing on the programme. I don't much care for Stephen Mulhern in his other shows but I enjoyed it on Takeaway so I'll take a look at this. It looks to be some fairly disposable but amusing light entertainment to pass an idle half hour.

On the other thread people are complaining that ITV don't do half hour game shows anymore, then when they do one it gets slagged off before it even gets on air.
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I saw the pilot of this a few months ago and I really enjoyed it. Fun and easy viewing - and Mulhern isn't nearly as annoying as on other things he presents.

By the way, it was commissioned long before Ant's SNT exit too...
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Perhaps it’s just because I grew up watching him on CITV, but I don’t get the hate Stephen Mulhern seems to receive on here. At worst he’s simply inoffensive, but at his best he’s entertaining and funny. Watching In for a Penny tonight, it’s clear that neither he nor the show take themselves too seriously, and certainly a great deal less seriously than some posters on here…
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I’ve never really got the hate either, Stephen clearly has tongue firmly in cheek when doing this type of show. He’s good with the public and seems to genuinely enjoy doing television. I thought the line about keeping an eye on the BBC that they don’t nick the format was funny.

It got 3.5m last night.

It will be interesting to see if the show maintains the ratings. 3.5 million is respectable for this half hour format. If it takes a severe plunge, then I would doubt it will be returning. If it maintains the 2.5-4 million mark I think it will become a regular feature for early evenings.