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Itv +1?

No, I was getting ready to do my radio show and it said "The Bake Off winner was on at 12:45 pm" from the menu.

I too noticed the programme menu typo. The menu said 12:45, but Ruth verbally said he will be on at 12:15......and alas this is what time the bake off guy appeared.

Just a typo on the menu...nothing more dramatic than that.
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How did ITV cover the silence?

They opened with A special graphic with no audio, Alastair Stewart presented. It closed at the very end of The Last Post.
Channel 5 I believe has Julian Druker present (he has presented it in the past IIRC. It ended just before the end of The Last Post with no end board. Differently to ITV, they showed LIVE's from various locations with I (apologise for guessing) believe usually they do.
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And once again ITV win the award for best christmas advert! (I know technically its not a christmas advert, but its still better than all this years actual christmas ads). Love how they've kept with the same style as last years ad.
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