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Paul O'Grady won it as Lily Savage in 1999. Barrymore won it once more in 2000, and after that, Ant and Dec started scooping them up.

Ah my pesky 1% doubt Smile That same year, Barrymore won the Special Recognition Award. It's interesting looking at https://www.nationaltvawards.com/winners to see that Top Of The Pops won the Best Childrens Progamme in 1995 and 1996.

I can't get over the fact that Eamonn Holmes hosted the first NTAs in 1995 before Sir Trev took over!

I have the Judy Finnigan year on VHS somewhere, along with the following day's This Morning when Judy spent the whole two hours wanting the ground to swallow her up.

Another I have is when they had Scott Chisholm from the BBC Future Generations promo present an award and Handy Andy had 'built' him a little podium to stand at. Just as he started to speak, the sheet of stainless steel covering the podium burst off and went flying into the crowd.
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Funnily enough someone has uploaded quite a chunk of the 2005 NTAs on YouTube and it is like night and day compared to the recent era, there was a slight bit of prestige to the event with Sir Trevor at the helm and they actually just got on with it!

They really could do with a rule of letting somebody else have a chance after winning so many years as once again the usual suspects doninated, namely Ant and Dec - I missed part of it, did Holly and Phil really each get individual nominations in one category too?!

The Bruce Forsyth award was a nice touch, though I doubt he sat down every week to watch Celebrity Juice!

Now why did they make a mess of the theme tune, best thing about the NTAs!!

Re Ant and Dec, they win every year because they are the best of a bad bunch. The same faces, who incidentally are signed up to the James Grant management agency.
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Re Ant and Dec, they win every year because they are the best of a bad bunch. The same faces, who incidentally are signed up to the James Grant management agency.

Really? The same faces each year?

Here are the other nominations in the same category for the last few years?

Phillip Schofield
Holly Willoughby
Bradley Walsh

Gary Lineker
James Corden
Mel & Sue
Rylan Clark-Neal

Graham Norton
Mel & Sue
Rylan Clark

Keith Lemon
Bradley Walsh
Dermot O'Leary

Inevitably the same names will crop up from time to time, and James Grant does have an impressive roster, so it's no coincidence they're going to have nominations.
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Bancroft has been recommissioned for a second series. It's quite remarkable how this was originally meant to be an ITV Encore drama that had to be drafted in right at the last second as the still postponed Hatton Garden drama was removed from the schedule at the last minute. It averaged 5.4m across the series which is probably about 5.1m more than it would have got on Encore. A surprise success story for ITV, I bet the producers couldn't believe their luck.
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How many exclusive UK dramas did Encore have after - surprised one or two haven't had a rerun on ITV yet, though it might happen once the linear channel closes.

They had recently aired the second season of The Frankenstein Chronicles, and they have the second series of Harlots to show later this year, I guess.

One thing that I have noticed recently is that content already aired on Encore has now begun to air on ITV3 (drama that has already aired first on ITV, then Encore), and ITV4 (The Americans, albeit in a late slot). As spring nears, I don't think it will be long before ITV announces the closure date for the Encore linear channel, and the launch of the VOD service that will supersede it.
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Some good old technical slip-ups for the BRITs tonight, including a performance where the track didn't seem to want to play, so restarted a couple of times with the house lights popping up once too as Jack Whitehall (presenting) looked set to take over. Later in the evening he also popped up as they tried to cut away from the Gorillaz during their winning speech!

No end credits, just a slide remembering the victims of the Manchester Arena attack (which the CA somewhat ill-advisedly spoke over) - we also got perhaps a solid minute of the 'A BRITs Production' endcap for no apparent reason, with the CA doing most of the announcement over it, and it then carrying on for a good while afterwards?
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So ITV continuity messed up the ending of the BRITs just now. The credits were talked over and squeezed in the middle of a tribute slide to the Manchester Arena victims and then we were stuck on the BRITs endboard for well over 30 seconds.

Obviously continuity they thought a longer version of the credits were going to be used.
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A bit disrespectful for the continuity announcer to speak over the end board for the victims of the Manchester attack too.

I think there was a slight hesitation as she initially spoke but it was too late by then.

Complete miscommunication between the Brits team and ITV. At some point the decision was obviously made to run no credits (except the dedication slide) but didn't bother telling the other party! Shame the announcer didn't pop back up to fill.