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So, where is this being recorded then?
The fact that the label for lighting hoist 25 in clearly visable in the grid, rules out film stages.
So, TC1 or Studio D at Elstree?

Ollie Bartlett is directing, he posted a photo of the script tagged at TVC on Instagram...
Score Granada North West Today
Chris Kamara seems to have suggested that Ninja Warrior UK has been axed:

Bit of a surprise if so as it tends to rate fairly well. The past couple of series have played in early 6.30pm slots but performed pretty well in them, consistently netting 20%+. Plus they’ve just repeated two series back to back to very respectable numbers, so this seems like an odd call. Particularly as it added some variety to a fairly gameshow-heavy slate.
Andrew Founding member Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Was it not rumoured to actually have been axed months ago probably last year based on the fact that a series didn’t turn up this Spring?

Based on how decently the repeats did I wonder if they might now change their mind?
Score Granada North West Today
Yes, in reality it was probably axed ages ago as they didn’t film a series for 2020 when they normally would.

Still seems odd though and like you say they might change their minds given the repeat ratings, which have been really good. Although it would probably not be able to film until 2021 anyway, probably not the easiest show to adapt for Covid, would they have to clean the obstacles after every person?
iloveTV1 London London
It is a shame and quite a interesting decision considering that over the last two or three years they have been expanding
the brand with adventure parks and water courses etc.
Joined on 29th December 2019.
Did This Morning just cut out for anyone else just now or was it just me? (Meridian HD)
It looks like someone's bleached the Minions.
Ballyboy Recently warned UTV Newsline
Nope same here in Belfast
iloveTV1 London London
Britain’s favourite detective airs on 30th August on ITV.

In the lead-up, repeat of:

A Touch of Frost - 24th August, 8pm-10pm
Inspector Morse, 25th August, 8pm-10.05pm
Poirot - 26th August, 9pm-10pm
Joined on 29th December 2019.
JamesWorldNews Central World News
Tipping Point LIVE? Today? Or am I misreading this?

@JamesWorldNews | #StayHomeSaveLives
Inspector Sands
Yes you've totally misread it, and obviously not listened to the video
Amber Avenger, Brekkie and DeMarkay gave kudos
PFML84 UTV Newsline
Josh posted:
I can't wait for the return of the Mysterious Fencing Woman.

Nothing mysterious about it, it's Christine Lampard (née Bleakley).
VMPhil Granada North West Today
Josh posted:
I can't wait for the return of the Mysterious Fencing Woman.

Nothing mysterious about it, it's Christine Lampard (née Bleakley).

I’ve just watched that episode and have to say, ten years on it still feels like a shoehorned in promotion for Daybreak.

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