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This Is Granada posted:
It also mentions about ITV2 moving to GPlus slot on the EPG (118), which is good. Gplus (Or itv3 as it may be known) will have room on 119 or 120 as these gaps are free as with most Sky channels, they get 2 more EPG numbers left available. Actually, ITV3 may go on 120, as 119 could be saved for ITV1+1 or ITV2+1, as they were talk about +1 channels.

What's actually free channel wise round that area?

No need to worry about ITV Kids, it'll be up in the early 600s somewhere, after Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon and all that lot. Going to look a bit lost up there though.

For where to put the rest, bit of a squash down there isn't it? IIRC its going to be stuck between BBC Four (is it on 115?) and Challenge (121) on the EPG. I'd suggest this for starters as you said:

118: ITV2
120: ITV3

I'm not sure if channel 117 is free but if so then therein can go ITV1+1 and 119 is thus free for ITV2+1. Only thing is, this isn't future proof. If they decide to launch anything else (say, ITV3+1 or ITV4) then it's not got anywhere to go in this little cluster, not without disturbing Challenge at least.