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ITV News - Bluer and bluer...

(January 2003)

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Has anyone else noticed that ITV News are using more and more blue in their graphics - slides, sidebars etc? I can't see that this could mean a relaunch is imminent - if they're going to change their graphics, I'd imagine they'd do it all at once - but there's definitely more blue around than there used to be!

Personally I'm not a big fan - I prefer the graphics that use the spinning globe and the mix of colours.
Yeah, I've noticed it as well. I'm not sure whether or not to read much into it - they've recently got a new editor, and this is one of the smaller changes he's made (like having studio guests, using the big screen, letting presenters be themselves a bit more etc). All the changes have been good though, so any relaunch will hopefully not be disappointing.
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I think that David Mannion's return has certainly given a bit of a lift to ITV News - I'd imagine it's been good for staff morale at ITN, which might explain the presenters being more relaxed on-air!

Like you said, ITV News is definitely getting better, so hopefully the next relaunch will be a good one.

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