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(April 2001)

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Asa Admin
ITV is the best because it's different. BBC News always go for dull graphics, I mean beige - come on, surely you don't like that. Their astons are dull, whereas ITV's are colourful and, most of all, not static.

But is that really that appropriate for news? Although, look at C5 News - there set is all white! Bring back the old one, all is forgiven Smile

I agree that news is all about content and not really about presentation, but in my opinion, ITV News is best content-wise as well. It appeals to everyone, whereas BBC can be a little too complex with their explanations.

So your saying ITV news is dumbed down so the average viewer understands it? Smile

ITV know what interests the viewers, which is why there are more 'human interest' stories. They soften the blow of the more hard hitting stories.

That sounds like you're talking about Newsround!

Anyway, rant over, it's only my opinion. I suppose BBC News isn't that bad.

And the same about ITV!

Nicely put Phil, far to much BBC bias in here Smile
And whilst I think ITV News is not the best on TV, and ITN for ITV and the News Channel is far to focused on the monarchs, ITN for Channel 4 is certainly the best news programme on television.
And I am not convinced about the purple astons they use on the BBC now, the beige ones at least went with the set!
However, there are 2 news networks (well 3 indirectly) who have truly changed news coverage in the UK.
One is Channel 5. the other Sky.
Channel 5, simply because of it's style of presentation which won it numerous awards and widespread recognition.
And Sky, not only because of the 24 hour format. But the fact that they were the first network to regularly broadcast press conferences, something the BBC hated doing, and still did hate when they launched News24.
S4C's news is actually rather good! I live about 2 mins from the border and hence have picked up a little welsh, but not much!
But my father speaks the lingo and does watch it occasionally, apparently very good.
IMO certain sets date very quickly indeed. When they re-launched Sky in 1998 it was then described as being 'uncluttered', in just a year, it was outdated compared to News24.
CNN/US has a set that has not dated quickly at all, and does actually still look amazing, with a giant news room behind them, and a large logo on the floor.
The Beebs news studios also do look like they will still look up to date for a few years to come, but then again things go out of fashion at the drop of a hat, and simplicity may become a pet hate of designers over the next year!
And talking about things dating fast, Channel 4 have used the same music for news since they started, and it still sounds fantastic.
Mr Voiceover
Big Phil posted:
What are you lot on? ITV News is by far the best news program on the television. You're all just biased because you love crappy News 24 so much.

I'm not keen on the current presentation of BBC News, so I had a spare hour earlier today, and tried to give the beeb news a different theme. I got a bit carried away, and ended up with the old virtual newsroom Smile

Anyway you can have a nose at my attempt :
Square Eyes Founding member
cheshirec posted:
And talking about things dating fast, Channel 4 have used the same music for news since they started, and it still sounds fantastic.

Not strictly true, they beefed it up a little at the last revamp.
It has been updated to keep it in with the times.
But It is still very easily recognised as the orignal theme.
If you download the orignal, the music is virtually identical.

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