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But that's another nail in the coffin really. Dermot is popular, arguably a perfect fit. But if he can't retain viewers with a lead in like Broadchurch, who can?

Just for comparison, an episode of Broadchurch from the previous series had 6.6m, which translated into 2.5m for News At Ten.

Broadchurch was 500k UP on last Monday. The Nightly Show was 300k DOWN on last Monday.

The intention was clearly to extend prime time past 10pm and keep people watching longer. Whichever way you look at it, it's had quite the reverse effect.
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It's not about having a great format or a great not - it's both.

Davina was probably the best host they've had so far yet it was one of the less enjoyable weeks. Dermot might prove to be a competent host but nobody is getting any time to make the show their own. The likes of HIGNFY and Buzzcocks had guest hosts eventually but the format was concrete and the regular panelists act like anchors. Nobody on The Nightly Show is able to build that because they won't get the chance. I still think the idea of a late night chat show is great, but I don't think this is the way to test the water.
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If they had any sense they'd just stick with Dermot for the remaining weeks and see if he can salvage anything.

As much as that would be brilliant, Dermot will already have things scheduled and the network have arranged the future hosts. I'm unsure how Gordon Ramsey will do, a very odd booking IMO, but I am looking forward to Jason Manford.