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If they really wanted it to succeed though they'd have given it the 10pm slot for the three weeks they have a show getting 9m viewers a night.

They'd have had to have waited another year for that, they're only doing the pilots this month, it wouldn't have been ready.
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I am really confused. Have the 10 pilots been recorded? Will they be shown? Or will we see the non pilot stuff?
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6th Feb according to the tickets available on SRO Audiences.


Worth noting though that Britain's Got Talent is filming judges auditions in Manchester on the 9th/10th, so if David Walliams is still doing the first week he'll be missing one or the other.

Still an absolutely idiotic decision at a time when the news, and analysis of it, has never been more important. Hope it flops out of the gate at 10pm so the switch to the more suitable post-news slot is made sooner rather than later. Well, either that or the news is forced to 10pm after Trump accidently presses the big red button when trying to send a tweet.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?