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This is interesting but its going to have to be cheap to create.
ITV is making a multi-million pound move into late-night comedy with a stripped show that it hopes can replicate the success of The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The commercial broadcaster has ordered a nightly series to be produced by Andrew O’Connor’s ITV-owned production group Cats on the Roof Media and exec produced by former Strictly Come Dancing and Top Gear boss Katie Taylor.

The currently untitled show is believed to have been handed an order of around 40 episodes and will be stripped throughout the week across a two month period. It will launch in the new year.

It is understood that the show will have revolving celebrity hosts.

Pre-production has started with producers currently developing a range of format points. It’s believed that the ambition is to develop a number of segments that can air on the linear show and also be shared virally, in the same way that Corden’s Carpool Karaoke and Drop The Mic strands are widely shared online.
ITV is still exploring plans for which slot to hand the show.

Initially lined up as an event series rather than an ongoing commission, it is thought to be the project which has caused director of television Kevin Lygo to weigh up moving the ITV News at Ten.

However, the broadcaster is also examining whether to air the show in a post-news 10.30pm slot.

It will be Lygo’s most ambitious order to date, after he replaced Peter Fincham as director of television in January.

It wont have a fixed host? It need to have something linked to the USA, I think this will fail.

If it gets the 10.30 slot then STV will have it at 11.10, if it get the 11.40 slot then I think STV will have it around midnight or later.
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Ooh this will either be a spectacular flop or a runway success, presumably they're hoping for the latter like what happened to James Corden. I'm willing to bet on it being the former considering past attempts in this country to do something like this, or to even show US late night shows on UK channels.
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There is one chance this could work, but there never do it. There should ask Corden to do some British bits for ITV ie extra guest or a sketch etc and then repackage this USA show and create a hybride.

Sky have the rights for James Corden's U.S. show, which they show online only, so that's a no.
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Rotating hosts is a better idea as you can basically have them all as on air pilots, picking a permanent host later if someone stands out.

Picking a permanent host now would result in about 75% hating them and not watching from the start.

Is it any wonder why TV is full of tired ancient programmes, fillers and nothing much new after 10:30 when you get a negative reaction like the one seen here. Like Sunday side up and Adrian Chiles's Sunday show, rather than watching something a bit iffy with good and bad bits people seem to prefer to watch nothing instead.

This forum gets more like Digital Spy by the day. Quips about Stephen Mulhern I expect from there.
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