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With ITV Digital replacing the name ONdigital in a few weeks time, there is potential for some new channels and relaunches of old ones. As well as the ITV Sport Channel coming up in August, I have heard rumours that ITV are also launching several new digital channels in the autumn. CITV (a kids channel), ITV Talk (womens channel, might replace Breeze ?) and an ITV Movie Channel are rumoured (will that replace Carlton Cinema ?). ITV2 is apparently set to relaunch at the same time, wonder what that means for mainstream ITV ?
Matt Morelli
Asa posted:
'ITV Gold' as well, which I assume will simply replace Granada Plus - home of the hits!!

ITV Gold? Oh dear, how unoriginal
I agree. I think they should call it ITV Classics, because I think they have produced some classic TV programmes, expecially Crossroads (Don't watch the new one)!