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The Mega Movies trailer with the grey background end board looks a little odd after the plain bright white on other trailers.

I quite liked it, was a bit odd but nice to see them doing something a little different.
We keep getting little glimpses of ITV trying something new with their branding such as this, the ident for Strangers and the end credits for Vanity Fair, yet they don't seem to follow anything through. The end credits for VF look brilliant and show how easy it would be to give more programmes unique credits but they just keep reverting back to the boring black ones.
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Continuity announcer at the end of Strangers there said it "continues here next week on Drama," is it a mistake as I am sure the same announcer does VO for UKTV Drama channel?

Uh oh... Steph got her other gig mixed up. (And yup!)
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