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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Why does ITV need Roman numerals, leave the Roman numerals to the BBC.

Countdown - an ITV Studios production - uses Roman numerals in its copyright date too. Wink

Oh. And Channel 4. I'd never imagine Roman numerals on ITV in 2018. In the olden times, yeah.

Ah yes, those olden times like the 1990s, before they discovered America or invented the wheel.
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Is that the first programme specific ident we've had on ITV since the 2013 rebrand? (not including the various sport idents) Even X factor, BGT etc doesn't get their own idents.
I know this new ident could be used to introduce other shows, but it was clearly made for Strangers.
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ITV Strangers ident, in Mandarin with subtitles.

Actually she was speaking in Cantonese... Confused

Though that’s not the version they actually broadcast… it was just a standard announcement.

I think the on the twitter link should have been broadcast instead of the standard announcement.
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