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fanoftv8,389 posts since 4 Jan 2003
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I hope they add in one or two new ones to make up for the 'what seemed to be axed' ones

I agree. The originals with new additions would be nice. Before the relaunch didn't they mention programme related idents? With big shows like dancing on ice, BGT, I'm a celeb, and the X Factor this could be a good way to promote, and could be filmed in a way to the idents, such as the judges walking towards the desk for txf/bgt, a pan across torvil & dean performing, or jungle animals.
bilky asko5,796 posts since 9 Sep 2006
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That's why I said 'axed' and not axed

Well I can't possibly see how people could have been confused by that at all

But of course, if it was critique or MikeW that said it then it would have been fine and everyone would understand it... Rolling Eyes

If those two had said it, I'd imagine they'd feel thoroughly ashamed at letting their standards slip.
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