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And what programme was it?

I still think the BBC should do a deal and effectivly "swap" their Nottingham studios for Centrals...

But there aren't enough programmes for the studios.... what would the BBC use them for

There's too much made in London, it should commit to making more outside of the M25...

It does - Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester all make large numbers of shows for the network - they just don't make many studio shows (and almost none on-site - studio D at Manchester may be an exception to this) . There are network capable production studios in Belfast, Cardiff and Glasgow - though apart from The Saturday Show and Patrick Kielty's shows they don't get on the network that often.

There simply aren't enough big-studio shows being made to keep TV Centre's studios full - so what is the point in further increasing the BBC' studio production capacity and paying for more empty studios?

I think the only area where an increase in capacity is required is small studios - The Cram on BBC Two is coming from 124 (aka Channel Four) studios, and Come Dancing on BBC Three is coming from Waterfall studios. The Beeb don't have any small studio capacity available at the moment...