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Following the end of Benidorm last year ITV have now confirmed the axing of Birds of a Feather and Bad Move, meaning for the first time in it's history there are no plans for any sitcoms on the main ITV channel this year.

Not to worry though - ITV's exec Kevin Lygo says "Audiences can get their fix of character-based comedy from Coronation Street."


A real shame IMO - especially Bad Move which I thought was quietly beginning to establish itself and for me offered a bit of a hidden gem with their Christmas special. "Quiet" and "hidden" aren't what ITV need though.

The promise of sitcoms regularly at 8.30pm on Thursdays never materialised much further than Birds of a Feather. It's a shame they don't see the comedy in Corrie as motivation to try more in the filler slot on Wednesdays rather than an excuse to ditch it completely.
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Birds of a feather deserves a final special at least.

The end of the last series was basically the episode you are suggesting. Dorien's 70th birthday which felt very final at the time.

I also enjoyed Bad Move but as others have said a quiet slow burning comedy doesn't get you anywhere in this day and age.

The mainstream sitcom is hanging on for dear life as a genre at the moment.
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Clearing the way - in terms of what the slot? the budget? is there a rule its one comedy in one comedy out?

Poaching Mrs Brown - I know since Bake Off people think everything from EastEnders to Strictly is about to move away from the beeb, but its very unlikely

Always felt like an ITV programme - How can the show which has practically single handily defined BBC One comedy over the last decade feel like an ITV programme? I sounds like you are suggesting that because it is downmarket it feels like ITV, but maybe that is what BBC One is about these days?
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Is that bit about this being the first year without an ITV sitcom right? I’m sure there was a real dearth in the 2000s, wasn’t Benidorm their first one in a while? I don’t think viewers will particularly notice a lack of sitcoms on the channel anyway, even going back by decades there aren’t anywhere near as many classic, much loved comedies than the BBC, or even C4, had.
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