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Am I the only one a little disappointed that they will be continuing into next year?

As for this week’s addition, a lovely idea that has been crafted beautifully, however for some reason the blocks don’t create a view of the itv logo, I imagine it’s something to do with the perspective.
DVB Cornwall8,651 posts since 4 Dec 2003
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Continuing post end of the year will lead to accusations of an identity crisis. It's purpose has been completed, surely after 52/3 weeks some concept will have been latched onto which could be developed into a long term idea. Although the 'fretwork' does hang the whole together and might be considered the prime 'vision' for the channel.
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I like the concept of this project but I think it has an expiry date and continuing it will make that obvious.

My only hope is that the artists, having more public knowledge of what's expected, will make better work, or at least work that translates better to the form of an ident. There have been quite a few weak...weeks (ba dum tss) and there will probably be more, especially if we've got another year of artists awkwardly explaining things to camera. On the flipside, there are past weeks that were great and deserve a second showing.

Personally I think it would have been better for them to take the best ones and rotate them as the ident package, instead of continuing the project and having more attempts at model logos on white backgrounds. Just work with what they've got and they could make an appealing, versatile and interesting set of idents without actually doing any work.
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The idents have admittedly been a mixed bag but the concept is a great one and hopefully there will ideas for next year. My personal favourite has been the recent "flag" ident.

It can only help the careers of the artists themselves. I can personally see the idents being published in a book.
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Bumpers are used to get in/out of a commercial break in radio, and are used (are they still a legal requirement in the broadcasting act enforced by Ofcom?) in television as well.

Stings and sweeps in radio are generally also used to bridge two tracks in a two/three in a row back to back sequence.
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