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Slightly off topic but has ITV got rid of the DOG? Can’t see it in Wales.

This normally happens when a ITV Wales exclusive programme is on in the evening. For example, if 'Wales this week' is on Mondays at 8, but a new episode of, say, 'Ainsley's Carribbean Kitchen' is on nationally, where the continuity announcer would normally come on and announce what's on at 8pm, as it's not on in Wales it seems like ITV Wales 'switches off' from the main channel for that announcement if you get me. Normally happens in the last part of a programme. Hope that's clear enough it's happened for ages here Smile
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ITVBe's presentation is the least of it's problems. Yes, show all the crap you like but don't advertise it in every other break on the main channel please.

That's not how Media Planning works. The aim is to target the audience that would watch that show, and if that audience is watching main ITV then well... Plus it looks like priority for the channel, so they would up the frequency to make sure its seen.