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Lou Scannon1,329 posts since 1 Jan 2016
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What is up with ITVBe’s presentation in 2019? Surely it’s due for an update on its 5th Birthday?

Television channels routinely updating their presentation at exactly 5 year (to the day) intervals has never been a thing.
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Brekkie32,981 posts since 4 Jan 2003
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ITVBe's presentation is the least of it's problems. Yes, show all the crap you like but don't advertise it in every other break on the main channel please.

Personally think ITV3's presentation is the most in need of a refresh of the digital channels.
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fanoftv8,242 posts since 4 Jan 2003
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I still think that both ITV3 & ITV4’s idents are wonderful however I don’t watch either channel that much. I think I’d actually prefer ITV to return to their previous idents, one of their best sets in my opinion and so adaptable with the logo placement and a variation staying the same in each. Saying that I also preferred the circle style end board of 2013. I just loved the flow between the channels back then.
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