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Don't forget UTV is still using the old idents though. They could change the idents without changing the trailer endboards - that's what BBC One did when Oneness launched, they kept the same trailer endboard layout, despite the centered logo no longer matching the idents (which have it at the bottom of the screen).
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Only 20 versions left to go. Wow.

This will go down like a lead balloon but I'll be glad when those weeks are over. I really liked the old idents and enjoyed the simplicity and the consistency between them all. I think having a completely different set of idents every week just weakens the brand, especially when many of the 'pieces of art' look, in my opinion, rather poor, and often not at all like the logo it's meant to represent. I'm sure most people think it's all great and arty and 'fresh', but it's not for me.
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