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UTV Newsline
Loving this weeks! Very creative and also the girls explained their work well.

Probably my favourite so far.
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Minor little observation. It seems between them prepping the copy of the ident used in the Youtube release video and the actual broadcast version at 6am, someone must have realised they'd mis-spelled Weston's name. Although correct in the Youtube title, it's wrong in the video. But by the time of broadcast the name text has been redone, correcting the spelling and flipping the order of the artists at the same time.

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Looks like they literally have blood on their hands.

That's a bit disrespectful to the culture they're trying to represent here.

They're wearing Mehndi patterns, a type of body art from the Indian subcontinent.
Back in secondary school, when Ramadan and Eid celebrations were going on, they'd let students get these patterns done on their hands.
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