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It's quite unique and I like it.
My tweet was read out on BBC Four's Eurovision coverage and Rylan Clark-Neal replied to it. That's all.
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I like the ident, but I’m sick of these artists who talk pretentious nonsense about ITV and their style.

All they have to do is say their name, briefly explain their idea behind the ident, how it fits in with ITV and that’s it.

No long-winded speeches that go on and on.
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Lou Scannon1,167 posts since 1 Jan 2016
HTV West Points West
Most/all of the various artists' Verbal Diarrhea indicates little/no familiarity with ITV and its programmes (or at least not current or recent years ones). Just broad, vague, meaningless statements about e.g. entertainment or television in general, with an "ITV" name-check shoehorned in.

I totally get that there doesn't have to be a correlation between an artist getting themself commissioned to produced some paid-for work, and whether they otherwise have any interest in whatever the client purveys. But they chat in a way that is supposed to indicate an awareness/interest in ITV output, which usually seems to demonstrate the exact opposite.

If a lot of these artists have barely/never watched ITV since, say, the original Crossroads (King's Oak) ended, then to have them make a half-hearted attempt to feign otherwise is cringeworthy.

If they were being truly honest, their "What ITV means to me..." statements would end with e.g. "...bugger all" / "...a trio of letters from the alphabet" / "...an art commission for which they are paying me" / "...(insert name of programme that ended years ago here), as I've not really seen ITV since".

Plus, the rest of what each artist says is a load of pretentious t0ss, which is utterly obnoxious for any pair of human ears to have to listen to. But that is of course inherently how arty types talk.
I'm still a European.
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