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What doesn't help with a lot of these I think is that they always launch it with what appears to be the most 'news-safe' version of the ident, which is also nearly always the dullest one of the set and shows off very little of the art's potential. Unless GMB is covering some particularly sensitive topic, it seems unnecessary to start with the plainest one every week. And then to give it as much airtime as it gets throughout the rest of the week.

The second ident from this week, as shown into the 10.30 junction, is a prime example where the lighting and angles of the camera really brings the piece to life and looks so much better. We could still do with some more soundtracks though!

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I have to agree with what you said about the soundtracks because for the idents which were in the past weeks and the present ones being used right now, it’s just always the same music being used in different idents. We could do great with a little bit of differently tuned soundtracks to come into the mix of ITV’s future idents.
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