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Ooh I love the final shot of the ITV logo in his style, looks lovely. Music is very poor though, if thats the ident music you'll never hear it, you can hardly hear it anyway but with someone speaking there may as well be no music at all.

Oh and Happy New Year everyone Smile
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I presume that the CITV channel's own scheduling on weekend & holiday mornings is carefully timed so that the moments at which the "Channel 3" breakfast franchise simulcast begins and ends will happen to be a clean opt (rather than crashing in/out mid-trailer etc)?

Yes, though these days it's arbitrary anyway. CITV "breakfast" is the old GMTV2 thing which for some reason they had and it was originally for 6-9:25 on ITV2 but after all the consolidation it ended up as part of the CITV channel.