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Big Phil
ITN have once again changed some of their graphics, this time on the weather. We are now treated to some very lovely new animations as the map zooms from region to region, and there are some very nice new symbol animations, for example the clouds now expand slightly and the sun shines out. They're very nice.
Square Eyes7,958 posts since 31 Mar 2001
Mmmm, although it looks nice I kind of get the feeling that it's presentation over content here. I don't think they offer a very comprehensive service when compared to BBC Weather.
United K
I think the BBC's weather graphics are the by far the best. What do you think? I think they should change the bar (where it has the day) at the bottom of the screen to a Navy blue colour, so then it would match the over on-screen graphics we see on the news.
cat2,594 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Certainly presentation came first with these.
They serve no purpose at all.
For example the cloud covering me stretches from Manchester to the Rep of Ireland!!
BBC Weather graphics are quite good, although we see very few of the flyby graphic sequences they use on World Weather, which incidentally, has a much better ident, which I think should be used over here.
Martin947 posts since 23 Mar 2001
I too think the BBC`s weather graphics and presentation are the best thought I think the should have stuck more to the one colour as when they diplay the screen for weather records or sporting events that are on they have these horrible bright colours as the background

Does anyone agree or at least understand what I mean?
I think the BBC's weather graphics were the best before they made this 'recent' change late last year. Some of the bright colours they use are really awful. And I think they should use the weather ident that World uses, or a variation.